Jellinbah Mine Crusher and ROM padRESERVES


The Jellinbah coal deposit is approximately 30 km in length. The major seam of the deposit is the Pollux Seam which is approximately 8 metres thick. The seam dips gently to the east and further down dip splits into the Pollux Upper & Pollux Lower seams.

The total in-situ reserves to the eastern boundary of the company's leases are in excess of 350 million tonnes of coal for the Pollux seam. Other seams contain in excess of 50 million tonnes of in-situ coal.

Lake Vermont

The Lake Vermont Mining Lease contains reserves of more than 235 million tonnes of coal, all suitable for mining by open cut methods. Reserves contained within the mining lease are sufficient to sustain a production rate of 8 million tonnes per annum of high quality HCC and PCI coal for more than 20 years. The coal occurs in two seams; the Leichhardt averaging 3.2m thick and Vermont averaging 5.6m thick, along a strike length of more than 8km. The seams sub crops at a depth of 30 metres and dips gently to the east separated by an average of 32 metres of waste material. Both seams produce high quality hard coking coal and PCI coal after processing. The average strip ratio for the mining lease is 1 tonne of ROM coal to 8 bcm of waste.

On adjoining mineral development leases and exploration permits, Lake Vermont has defined additional reserves of more than 380 million tonnes of coal. With more exploration work in these tenements this figure is expected to grow substantially.