COAL QUALITYJellinbah Coal Mine excavator

Jellinbah Group’s Jellinbah and Lake Vermont mines are long term suppliers of consistently excellent quality coal to steel mill customers.  Jellinbah Mine has been supplying PCI coal (i.e. coal destined to be used for  "pulverised coal injection" in steel making) to steel mills all around the world for more than 20 years. Since February 2008 Lake Vermont has been supplying  HCC ("hard coking coal" that is destined to be used to make coke for use in steel making) and PCI coal.

At Jellinbah Mine 80% of the coal mined is so low in impurities that it can be selectively mined and sold unprocessed as PCI coal  The remaining 20% of production, comprising higher ash coal, is washed in the coal processing plant (CPP) prior to being blended with unprocessed coal and loaded onto trains.  In contrast, all the Lake Vermont Mine coal is processed in the on-site CPP so it can be separated into PCI and HCC coal.

Both mines consistently produce high quality coal by:

  1. Intensive exploration drilling and laboratory analysis of the resulting drill hole samples prior to mining in an area;
  2. Computer modelling of the coal seams structure and the distribution of coal quality parameters which is then incorporated into mine planning and scheduling;
  3. Careful mining of the coal seams so as to minimise inclusion of waste material and maximise recovery of coal;
  4. Separate stockpiling of different quality product coals following crushing and washing, which are then blended to achieve a homogeneous coal quality prior to being loaded onto trains;
  5. Sampling of the coal with automatic samplers after crushing, following coal washing, again during train loading and finally during loading onto vessels at the port. All automatic samplers are operated and maintained according to Australian Standards;
  6. Analysis of all samples is undertaken by independent NATA accredited laboratories according to Australian Standards.