Jellinbah Mine Emergency Response Team

The most fundamental objective at Jellinbah is to protect the Health & Safety of personnel by having safe production. This is achieved by having a strong focus on Safety & Health as it relates to all persons involved in or directly affected by mining operations.

At Jellinbah Group mine sites, we have the advantage of having access to some highly qualified and some of the most experienced people in the coal industry. We have a unique focus on both the Safety & Health of our work force that is integrated into the day to day activities at the mine. This pro-active approach includes risk management processes to identify and manage hazards at the mine, along with an industry leading approach to the well being of our entire work force.

Jellinbah Mine have been running an Employee Health Program for the past 20 years, which is the longest running program in the industry in Queensland.

We were also very proud when Jellinbah Mine was the the recipient of the Queensland Government Healthy Queensland Corporate award in 2009. This award recognised the culture at Jellinbah Mine, and was based on a program which involved up to 12 initiatives over the past 20 years. The current program includes, voluntary health assessments, gym assistance, nutrition advice, QUIT smoking, Safespine exercises, physiotherapy support, and information deliveries by a variety of media and health professionals.

The combination of the Safety & Health programs along with the strong focus on the risk management processes, have put Jellinbah Group mines in a strong position to support our valued work force and also provide a reliable supply of coal to our valued customers.